With the ability to create 3-dimensional models, Land Inventions allows the client to see their project before it breaks ground. from simple line models or graphic massing models to fully illustrated renderings, 3D models are the key to our process. The use of these models can the graphic itself or the base for graphic development. We can build project amenities such as gates, bridges, pavilions, and entry monuments so the client can see the details of the project and select materials and colors to present to investors, potential clients, or review agencies. We can also develop a series of models that show the massing of design elements within the project site. Along with our models our photo enhancement exhibits allow us to create images that capture the site and proposed landscape modifications while providing a near realistic image. With the use of current photos and photo enhanced proposed images, Land inventions allows the client to see a specific views of their project that relates perfectly to the real world environments that their project impacts.



Landscape Consulting, Design, Drafting, Rendering, and Freelance Services